FarmVillage of Magdalena, NM

The farm

We're a small fruit- and-vegetable-growing operation established in 2016 in the village of Magdalena, elevation 6540'. We grow outside in the warm season but not yet inside in the cold season. Produce is sold from a roadside stand on the serve-yourself system.

Our goal is to be a local source of fresh, nutritious produce in a region that's a "food desert". Most produce that local residents will buy in grocery stores has been grown far away (think California, Mexico, Argentina...) on an industrial scale, using lots of fuel and irrigation water and usually herbicides, pesticides, and inorganic fertilizers. True, Magdalena will never be much of an agricultural production area, but there's more gardening potential here than you might think.

We use mostly seasonal and stored rainwater for irrigation, supplemented with groundwater when the tanks get low. Our fertilization and crop management employ mostly organic materials and practices.

More information and images will be posted here as the farm continues to develop.

The images at the bottoms of pages were made in our area of southwestern New Mexico. If you would like to know where a photo was taken, a click on it will take you to a satellite view.

Jim Nelson

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