Nopal and agave near MagdalenasVillage of Magdalena, NM

About Nopal & Agave

Jim Nelson on Bear Mtns

Who are you?

Jim Nelson, owner and head baker.

Where's the bakery?

Pumpkinseed light sour rye

We've stopped baking as of September 2016, owing to insufficient demand. Our bread was baked in the Socorro Community Kitchen.

Where's the store?

Bread was sold in the Socorro Farmers' Market and also delivered to selected Magdalena locations. To request one or more loaves or contact us, please use the order page. This will help us plan quantities to bake.

Why don't you bake in Magdalena?

Limited demand and facilities.

Magdalena from Bear Mtns

What does it cost?

At present, 24-oz loaves cost $5. We haven't started baking other bread products, except for a few rolls, but stay tuned and tell us what you want to see.

What's your baking experience?

Though not professionally trained, I've been home-baking for 40 years. Baking consistently good batches and knowing how dough will behave in different circumstances are the biggest differences between the home baker and the professional.

I like white bread products (breads, cookies, cakes, pies, doughnuts). Do you make them?

No, we make only whole-grain yeast breads and rolls. And maybe crackers and other things, as we work out more recipes.

Why should I eat whole-grain breads and dump that white stuff?

Magdalena sculpture

They taste great, and they're more filling and nutritious than that white stuff.

I have a special recipe. Will you make it?

We'll try it if it looks like a promising addition to the lineup.

Will you share your sourdough culture?

Yes. Or an easy recipe for making one the way we make ours.

I'd like to learn how to make whole-grain bread. Do you teach workshops?

Yes. We'd like every household to know how to make whole-grain bread, and will teach workshops costing only the price of ingredients and whatever the local kitchen charges for use.

Why the name?

The name is in honor of two plants with high historical and potentially modern economic value that don't need much water to thrive, a trait that we New Mexicans could profitably emulate. Agave isn't common around here, but there's at least one stand in sight of the Magdalenas, shown below.